News / Artificial Intelligence Takes the Wheel of the Montreal International Auto Show 2024 Campaign

Artificial Intelligence Takes the Wheel of the Montreal International Auto Show 2024 Campaign

Montreal, November 10, 2023 – Innovation has always been at the heart of the organization of the Montreal International Auto Show (MIAS), and this year, they decided to innovate in their communications by using artificial intelligence (AI) for the creation of their 2024 advertising campaign. For its 79th edition, MIAS, in collaboration with its creative agency Récréation, has generated futuristic-looking vehicles for its advertisements to demonstrate the significant contribution of artificial intelligence in the technological evolution of the automotive industry.

Artificial intelligence is increasingly influencing various industries, especially the automotive industry, where it is used for designing models, improving road safety and maintenance, and enhancing the driving experience. The MIAS organizing committee is proud to announce its use of AI in a unique way, emphasizing the importance of this technology in shaping the cars of the future.

Luis Pereira, the Executive Director of the Montreal International Auto Show, expressed his excitement, saying, “It’s in the DNA of our event to be forward-looking. We strive to bring together technological advances in the automotive industry under one roof for the enjoyment of enthusiasts. We were pleasantly surprised and thrilled by this proposal.” Récréation used the Midjourney tool to enhance its creative process in designing custom vehicles. The goal was to create vehicles that would meet creative needs and a specific stylistic vision while also generating hypothetical vehicles. After hundreds of tests in Midjourney, the desired results were achieved. The request? Futuristic chrome vehicles, seen from the side, with turquoise and orange light effects, reminiscent of the colors of the advertising concept.

“Predicting the future of automobiles is quite a daunting task, so we turned this challenge into inspiration to establish the aesthetics of this edition. The Salon’s team enthusiastically embraced these new explorations, allowing us to push the creative concept even further. As a creative, the advent of AI can be intimidating given all the ethical implications of creation. That’s why we intend to use it as a complementary tool, just as we used to with image banks. Human thought remains especially important in this kind of process,” added Antoine Goulet, the Artistic Director at Récréation.

Advertising Concept and 2024 Edition

Centered around advanced mobility, the advertising concept highlights three slogans: “What drives you?”, “What charges you up?”, and “What fuels your passion?”, winking at enthusiasts of combustion and electric vehicles alike. These three variations invite automobile enthusiasts to share their motivations for attending the Show and personalize their visit experience during the event. They also think about the new models and technologies that will be presented at the MIAS during this edition. While the future of the automobile is undergoing significant changes, the message conveyed is that no matter what motivates enthusiasts, everyone will find something to their liking at MIAS this year.