How to Survive Your Summer Road Trip

A number of families across Canada use their precious summer vacation to escape as far way from home as possible. Most use their car and hit the road to get to their destination. However, these long trips can be boring and a source of frustration.

Here are some tips to survive your road trip this summer:

Road trip games
It goes without saying that games are an excellent way to pass the time and have fun in the car. You and your passengers will spend less time checking the clock and more time enjoying yourselves. Admit it; road trip games often generate laughter and good memories.

Proper maintenance and cleaning
Taking a long road trip without first having the car serviced and inspected is a mistake too many people make. This leads to various problems and incidents along the way, sometimes ruining the whole experience. Just schedule an appointment at your local dealer or repair shop and you will get extra peace of mind for the duration of the trip knowing that your main body and engine components are in proper working order. And while you’re at it, take some time to wash and clean your car!

Frequent stops
When travelling as a group, there’s always someone who seems to be in a rush to get to the planned destination. But why? Remember, it’s about the journey. There are many sights and attractions along the way that deserve a stop. Use the break to stretch your limbs and savour the fact that you’re not crammed in an office. Your car can use some time to cool down, too, you know!

Good planning… but not too much
Getting lost is arguably the most frustrating thing that can happen on a road trip. It inevitably leads to arguments between passengers. Therefore, you should always plan your road trip adequately. Search the internet for points of interest and their exact address. This will help you set a route that connects all of them in a most efficient manner. Now, if a local tells you about a must-see attraction that requires a small detour, don’t hesitate to make some adjustments. These unexpected and surprise stops can produce the best memories.

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