Back to school: Are you ready?

Sorry to disappoint you, but we have to face reality. Summer is slowly drawing to a close and school is about to start again. It’s time to get ready to switch gears for fall. Here are five tips for getting ready:

Slow down
We’re not talking about kicking your feet up for some last-minute chillaxing. This is a reminder to reduce your speed. With the kids heading back to class, the speed limit returns to 30 km/h in school zones. Remember, fines have doubled for speeding around schools in the past few years. Be cautious and ease up on the accelerator!

Deep clean
Back-to-school season means summer holidays are over. For most folks, vacations are synonymous with leniency and as a result, your car is probably due for deep clean. Road trips and stops at the beach have almost certainly left their mark on the family vehicle. It’s time to shampoo the carpet and disinfect the passenger compartment.

Shop for a new ride
The end of summer coincides with all kinds of deals on vehicles. Summer sales are coming to an end and dealerships are keen to liquidate their stock. 2019 models are rolling into showrooms and the 2018 models need to go at all costs (or at any cost!). If you’re in the market for a convertible or sports car, this is the time to act. Dealerships don’t want these summer-fun cars around when the cold weather sets in. Seize the opportunity to get yourself a sweet deal.

Take a last-minute road trip!
Back-to-school preparations don’t just involve picking up school supplies. You also have to plan the fall schedule to fit in sports, studies and friends. But you can also take advantage of the last few weeks with your brood to create memories and have some fun by planning a last-minute road trip. It will get the school year off to a great start!

Schedule vehicle maintenance
Throughout the summer holidays, we advise you to have your vehicle maintained before venturing on a long trip. Unfortunately, many motorists ignore these warnings and end up experiencing mechanical problems on their journey. So here’s one more reminder: get your vehicle checked, even in summer!

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