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Three Trumps Two: More Automakers Offering Passenger-Side Displays

Screens are taking over our daily lives and our automobiles. They keep getting bigger and popping up all around the cabin, including those head-up displays that a few car companies would like to extend to the entire windshield. Can you believe it?

One of the latest trends in the auto industry is offering one more display up front, this one specifically for the passenger.

That’s right. Why should the driver have all the fun with technology? There are digital instrument panels on the left side of the dashboard and touchscreens in the middle, the latter often angled toward the driver for easy reach and use. Some designers thought they could make the most of the remaining real estate by incorporating a third screen, on the right side of the dashboard.

Jeep is one of the brands that started it all. In the Grand Cherokee L, Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer, a 10.25-inch touchscreen is available for front passengers that would want to control navigation, stream content like Netflix or play video games, for instance. Critics will say the features are actually limited and passengers can always take out their smartphones, while others will argue more options are better. 

At Porsche, a passenger-side 10.9-inch touchscreen can be had in the Taycan electric sedan as well as the updated 2024 Cayenne. It allows the front passenger to take the strain off the driver, for example by operating the navigation or selecting a media service. Similar to the aforementioned Jeep SUVs, special foil ensures that the display cannot be seen from the driver’s seat, therefore preventing distractions.

Mercedes-Benz also got in on the action, whether it’s the so-called Hyperscreen in electric vehicles or Superscreen in the new 2024 E-Class. The displays are combined under a single glass surface, giving the cockpit an extremely modern and high-tech look.

Meanwhile, Lamborghini made sure to preserve a sporty layout when integrating a passenger-side display in its brand new hybrid supercar, the Revuelto. Are the 1,001 electrified horsepower not entertaining enough? Click on the link to learn more.

What do you think? Are these additional screens a good thing or should automakers focus on other cabin features? Let us know!