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Our Ford Explorer EV Will be Much Different From Europe’s

A brand new electric SUV is joining the Ford lineup. Unfortunately, this one won’t be sold in North America, even though it carries a very familiar name. The Europe-only Ford Explorer, you see, is a completely different product from the electric Explorer we’ve been promised since May of 2021.

First of all, this new battery-powered model is the result of a partnership between Ford and Volkswagen, with the latter supplying its MEB platform. The size and silhouette mark a radical departure from the gasoline-burning Explorer we’ve known for many years, too. Less than 4.5 metres long, it’s even shorter than the Escape! Smaller vehicles rule the road in Europe, while Americans prefer larger vehicles, remember.

The electric Explorer boasts smoother lines and cleaner surfaces, including a grille-less front fascia shaped in the mould of typical EVs. The design of the C-pillars is rather unique, just like the available 19- and 21-inch alloy wheels.

The interior also represents a stark contrast. For one thing, there are two rows of seats instead of three. What’s more, the cargo area in the back can accommodate around 470 litres of gear based on European measurements. That clearly isn’t enough for North American families.

Sure, there is some influence from the Mustang Mach-E, with the wide digital instrument cluster in front of the steering wheel and the 15-inch portrait-style touchscreen in the middle of the cabin. However, the latter is much more tilted forward and able to slide up and down to reveal a storage compartment.

Technical specifications such as power and range remain unknown at this point. Similar to the Volkswagen ID.4, this electric Explorer will likely offer two different batteries along with the choice of RWD and AWD configurations when it goes on sale in Europe later in 2023.

As for our own zero-emission Explorer, it appears that production won’t start until December of next year based on credible reports from Automotive News and other media outlets. Where? That remains to be seen. A strong possibility is the Oakville, Ontario assembly plant, which will soon be converted into an EV production facility, with plans to build five models between 2025-2028.

Riding on a different platform that has nothing do with Volkswagen, the future North American-bound Explorer will feature three rows of seats and go head-to-head with the likes of the freshly unveiled 2024 Kia EV9.