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Top 10 Lightest and Heaviest Vehicles in Canada

Weight is public enemy number one, everybody knows that. Whether it’s sports cars aiming for top performance or electric vehicles obsessed with range, the lighter the better.

If you look at modern cars and trucks, however, you’d think they’ve never been bigger and heavier. Same thing for all those SUVs that keep popping up everywhere.

Have you ever wondered which models are the lightest and heaviest on the market? Well, we have the answers right here. Obviously, we didn’t include heavy-duty pickups and large vans, which would have otherwise dominated the rankings.

Canada’s Top 10 Lightest Vehicles in 2022

  1. Mitsubishi Mirage – 920 kg
    Also the most fuel-efficient non-hybrid, non-EV you can buy right now.
  2. Chevrolet Spark – 1,049 kg
    Once the cheapest new vehicle in the country, the Spark will not return after the 2022 model year.
  3. Mazda MX-5 – 1,096 kg
    This little roadster is exceptionally fun to drive thanks to its lightweight package.
  4. Hyundai Venue – 1,156 kg
    The subcompact crossover that replaced the Accent made sure not getting overweight.
  5. Nissan Versa – 1,170 kg
    Nissan brought back its small car in 2021, though in four-door sedan configuration only.

Canada’s Top 10 Heaviest Vehicles in 2022

  1. GMC Hummer EV – 4,111 kg
    The undisputed heavyweight champion is the new Hummer EV, whose battery alone weighs as much as a Mazda3!
  2. Ram 1500 TRX – 2,880 kg
    The wicked 702-horsepower off-road pickup burns fossil fuels like there’s no tomorrow.
  3. Jeep Grand Wagoneer – 2,876 kg
    This massive new three-row luxury SUV is loved by many Jeep fans and hated by Mother Nature.
  4. Lincoln Navigator L – 2,862 kg
    The long-wheelbase variant of the Navigator definitely puts the “ship” in flagship.
  5. Rolls-Royce Cullinan – 2,753 kg
    The most luxurious and most prestigious SUV in the world boasts a V12 engine producing up to 591 horsepower.