Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Car-Loving Dads

Having trouble finding a great gift on Mother’s Day? Well, pleasing dad on Father’s Day can be just as challenging! The more modest and traditional types will probably tell you that a good dinner is just fine, but most of us want to offer a little something on top of that.

Need help? Here are some Father’s Day gift ideas for car-loving dads:

Custom cufflinks
While a bit cliché, cufflinks still make a nice gift. You can find pretty cool ones on certain car manufacturers’ online stores or from other companies that design and sell cufflinks in the shape of particular cars, gear shifters or odometers. How about that?

John Deere cap
You rarely see a dad who refuses to wear a John Deere cap. Whether they’re mowing the lawn or working under their precious car, those colours are always a good fit. There is a wide selection of models on the company’s website, so you’re sure to find one your dad will like.

Auto- or racing-themed necktie
When it comes to cool Father’s Day gifts, a special necktie inspired by cars or racing is a definite winner. As you know, ties can be pretty boring, but adding a touch of automotive passion can make all the difference. There are tons of unique designs out there and automakers have a way of turning them into must-buy propositions. A quick online search will convince you.

Beer chiller
We’re certainly not about to encourage drinking and driving, but we all know what the fridge in the garage is for! When your favourite grease monkey is busy working, a lot of time can pass between sips and his beer will turn warm. How awful! Beer chiller sticks are the perfect fix. Now he’s sure to always enjoy a cold one.

Decorative bolts
If your budget is tight, these skull-shaped bolts can make a nice gift for about $10. Whether your dad prefers to sit behind the wheel or ride his motorcycle, he will hit the road with a bit more style.

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